Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: When is registration for the OTR program?
  • A: There are three sessions. The fall session sign ups will begin in early August. The Winter session sign up will begin in early December. The Spring session sign up will begin in early March.
  • Q: At what age can a pitcher participate in the program?
  • A: Pitchers must be at least 8 years old and stay focused for a 45 minute lesson.
  • Q: If a class is missed, is there a make-up class available?
  • A: If there is room at another time or site with your age and skill level, I will be able to allow a make-up. Keep in mind that the other sites may not be on the same schedule as yours. Makeups cannot be carried over to the next sessions.
  • Q: Do pitchers need to bring a catcher?
  • A: Yes. Your pitcher’s team catcher is strongly encouraged. The more they train together, the better they will be together. A parent may do the catching.
  • Q: Are private lessons available?
  • A: Yes. Private lesson are held in Deerfield during the summer months.
  • Q: What do pitchers need to bring to lessons?
  • A: You need an indoor practice ball (softee), a Spin-Right spinner, glove, tennis shoes and a notebook.
  • Q: How much do I have to practice?
  • A: Pitchers will be expected to practice at least 3 times a week.
  • Q: I am interested in playing softball in college, can you help me?
  • A: Yes. I have been in coaching for many years so I am familiar with programs all over the country. I can help you with contacting coaches and educate you about the recruiting process.
  • Q: Will you put on a clinic in my area?
  • A: OTR Fastpitch will be able to do on-site clinics in your area if you have adequate facilities. Contact OTR for available times and costs.


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