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abstract: Field a winning fastpitch softball team year after year with the knowledge and insights of a coaching legend! Coaching Fastpitch Softball Successfully provides the guidance and technical expertise you need in order to build and maintain a competitive team, covering every facet of leading a squad on the field and developing a program off of it.

Hall of Fame coach Kathy Veroni, who has won more than 1,250 fastpitch games in her career, and pitching expert Roanna Brazier share their insights and experiences in this authoritative, comprehensive guide to coaching fastpitch softball. From developing a coaching philosophy and planning for the season to teaching the skills and tactics of the game, you will find proven formulas for success within these pages.

With practice and conditioning plans, administrative forms, sample scouting charts, tactics for dozens of game situations, and more than 130 drills, Coaching Fastpitch Softball Successfully is the most complete resource available for aspiring and experienced coaches alike. Take advantage of the authors’ expertise to gain a winning edge over your competition.

Spin Right Spinner
  • Spin Right Softball Spinner

Invented by Cheri Kempf, the Softball Spinner is a training aid designed to teach the spins and rotation directions of the softball. The Spinner is a great pitching aid whether you are working on the basics of releasing the softball or advanced spins of the rise, curve or drop. Used at many of the top collegiate programs throughout the country, the Softball Spinner provides instant feedback to pitchers, catchers and coaches. A 29 minute instructional DVD is included.

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Insider Bat
  • Insider Bat

The Insider Bat™ is not only an excellent muscle memory tool, it is also perfect for diagnosing problem swings. With all the features associated with the Insider Bat™, a player or coach can pinpoint any problem areas of the swing. If a player is already swinging correctly, the Insider Bat™ will only act to further ingrain the correct muscle memory swing patterns. Each feature of the Insider Bat™ works in conjunction with the others to create the PERFECT SWING.

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Triple Tee Triple Tee
  • Triple Tee - $125

The Triple Tee allows for proper hitting mechanics for inside / middle/ and outside without moving the tee. Hitters can work proper bat path and more! I have yet to destroy one of these tees! All parts separate for portability.

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Double Ball
  • Double Ball - $20

A great tool to learn rise ball spin, spin speed and strength of forearm. Can also be used for curveball and fastball.

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  • Foot Box - $20

Allows a pitcher to practice the correct motion of the drive foot off the pitching rubber.

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Single Tee
  • Single Tee - $55

Need a more portable option? The single tee adjusts from 27 to 40 inches and disassembles from base.

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